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Ammunition Casing Cleaning

Do you find yourself not getting the most use out of your gun shell casings? Would you like to increase the value of your investment and save money on ammunition? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should seriously consider taking the necessary steps to caring for your shells and having them properly cleaned.  

After discharging your firearm, residue begins to build up on the exterior of your casing. By cleaning your cartridges afterwards, you are effectively increasing the life expectancy of your brass. This necessary process has been proven to have several benefits such as the avoidance of any scratching or galling on your shells and the prevention of possibly contaminating your load. In addition, this crucial step also allows you to more easily inspect your case for potential problems and spot any hidden flaws. There are many various methods and machines out there for approaching this issue and solving the problem. These range from home remedies to professionally manufactured machines and chemicals. Out of all of these practices, one of the most popular tried-and-true procedures is using a tumbler or rotary drum washer.   

SUSA Corporation is well-known in the industrial parts cleaning industry. With over thirty years of expertise, you can guarantee that our top-of-the-line industrial cleaning detergents and custom-built machines will get the job done. Our rotary drum parts washer will have your brass coming out looking brand new from the factory. Similar to how a rock polishing machine operates; water, cleaning solution, your brass, and stainless-steel pins are all added into a rotary drum and spun around and tumbled until clean. Able to withhold large volumes, our machine is a very efficient and cost-effective solution. Combine our experience in the industry with unrivaled customer service, all of our clients will agree that we not only provide complete support from design to installation, but also place our entire focus on ensuring that you are satisfied with the end result long after.  

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