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November 2022

SUSA Corporation manufactures hydrothermal liquefaction equipment to superheat water to chemically convert organic material into fuel products.

Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), also referred to as hydrous pyrolysis, requires a thermochemical depolymerisation process in an enclosed reactor to convert wet organic material into bio crude fuel, oil, and or other chemicals. Our process uses moderate temperatures (typically 250-750°). For difficult depolymerisation, ultra-high pressure vessels are used (10-25 mpa). Our SUSA Model HTL-18-GD will produce 18 GPH of clean bio crude oil and fuel products. Our largest HTL system can produce 400 GPH. 

Process cost per gallon 0.10 – 0.35¢

October 2022

This four stage industrial cleaning station utilizes powerful spraying action to prewash, wash and rinse dirt, grease and grime
from recycle bins, resulting in a container that looks and feels brand new. 

September 2022

Waste water is gravity fed from the holding tank through disposable roll media and into the clean tank below the filter in this
Evaporator system. The pump then supplies clean fluid to the evaporator. 

September 2022

The team of experts at SUSA dedicated numerous hours completing the client’s latest automated battery tray cleaning system. The
intricate maze of piping showcases the complexity of our design and our ability to customize a station to meet the client’s every need.

September 2022

We received the sample parts and have begun construction on an automated cleaning and drying system for a planetary wind turbine gear box/internal components. These gears are massive and achieving the desired cleanliness measurement on a part this big is not an easy task!
Our team rose to the challenge and we can proudly state that the parts will have a cleanliness micron rating less than 10. The station will
feature a 20,000 lbs load capacity with our new automatic load/unload carrier system. The process will ensure that the wind turbine is
performing at its highest efficiency when reassembled.

September 2022

Installing our latest Hemp Drying System at the client’s facility. The large drum design is perfect for preserving the crops and increasing
the shelf life of the product. 

July 2022

Completion of our latest custom manufactured industrial pass through cleaning system. This four stage station rinses, washes, sanitizes and dries. 

June 2022

Testing and installing our latest EV Battery Tray Washer

January 2022
Two stage conveyor pass through parts washer and dryer

October 2021
Our latest custom manufactured industrial cleaning system: Return to Operator Washer


Installation at client’s facility


Completion of Installation

September 2021
Automated Dunnage Cleaning System