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Continuous Rotary Drum

Designed to efficiently clean and dry small, high-volume, non-precision parts where continual throughput
is required. The rotating drum parts washers can accommodate a vast array of part sizes and configurations.

Normally used for cleaning metal stampings, bearing fingers, screw machine parts, hydraulic fittings, and
other small manufactured parts. 

Liquid stages can be either spray or submersion, or both in one system. 

Additional tanks can be added as required for washing, rinsing, rust proofing, phosphating, sealing, passivating,
lubricating, coating and even ultrasonic cleaning.

SUSA Corporation rotary drum cleaning systems are the perfect solution for processing of high-volume parts at a low cost. 

Our quotes outline any custom accessories or additions available on the systems we build. ANY customization
desired or required is attainable with SUSA Corporation.