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Advantages of Conveyor Belt Washers

A conveyor belt washer is a machine that cleans and removes dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants from the surface of parts. They are commonly used in manufacturing plants to protect the quality of products being manufactured with cleaner environments. A conveyor belt washer can help reduce downtime by reducing contamination on machinery and work surfaces which can cause production stoppages. This will also keep employees healthier by preventing cross-contamination through airborne particles during processing. 

One advantage of using a conveyor belt washer is that they save time as it only takes seconds to clean an entire line rather than minutes or hours for individual cleaning jobs. It also saves money because you’re not having to buy more tools like brushes or chemicals for each unit.

Conveyor belt washers can also lead to increased ROI. The ability to run whole lines, instead of manually loading part by part,  increases your overall production levels while reducing labor cost. These types of part-washers use a mix of water and especially formulated detergent to clean the grease, grime and dust off of parts. Typically a conveyor belt washer is a belt driven washer. A company would use a material handling system or manually load the parts onto the conveyor. A conveyor belt washer then runs the parts through a wash-rinse and dry process. Usually an operator is needed to unload the unit when the parts are finished. Overall it is a very efficient process. 

 Conveyor belt washers, like the ones made by Susa Corporation are designed to provide high-efficiency and low operating costs for industrial manufacturers. If you’re looking for more information about how these machines work or if you need help selecting one that will best suit your needs, please visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-466-4900.