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Conveyor Pass Through

With hundreds in the field today, SUSA Corporation’s conveyor style washers have design features that allow us to custom tailor the specifications to our customer’s requirements with expertise
that will exceed expectations. 

Best suited for high-volume production and in-line manufacturing operations. Automated conveyor based system used to efficiently
 clean parts and/or dunnage, such as pallets, totes, bins, slip sheets, metal plates, hoses, brake calipers, tubes, manifolds, drive shaft housings, hydraulic components and more. 

Types of Washers: 

  • Slat, chain, roller, etc. – selected depending on cleaning
    application and part geometry

  • Through-feed inline configuration or closed-loop palletized systems to aid online assembly operations

  • Stop-and-go operation to facilitate targeted cleaning

  • Manual loading or fully automatic operation

  • Adaptive to various applications of part cleaning of machined components, pipes, and plastic bins/trays/sheets. 

  • Low cost, high productivity, high reliability, and extended life