Susa Corporation

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Custom Designed Systems

 Spanning 75 years, SUSA Corporation, previously known as Dunnage Wash Systems, has delivered custom systems that
have automated industrial operations and processes for customers across various industries. Saving our customers time
and money, increasing their process efficiency and effectiveness, and solving industrial issues with them is where we thrive.
Through an innovative lens we have consistently delivered automated industrial solutions that addressed extremely diverse
processes with a relentless focus on cost savings, waste reduction, and process optimization. SUSA develops systemized
process solutions that solve a recurring problem, or pose an increase in value to existing operational procedures. We are
thrilled to offer a leasing option for our machines to be as dynamic as possible for our customers along with a customer
satisfaction guarantee.

Our website only depicts a portion of what we know the SUSA Corporation team is capable of.
Inquire today to learn how quickly our team can brainstorm solutions or opportunities to design a custom system to enhance
and optimize your industrial processes.
We can modify an existing system or build one from scratch that directly addresses
opportunistic areas or operational inefficiencies at your company, even if it’s never been done before.