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Dunnage Cleaning Systems

Available in multiple stages, including pre-washing, washing,
pre-rinsing, rinsing, rust inhibiting, sanitizing, blow drying,
heated drying, and many more, the possibilities for custom
designing and manufacturing a dunnage cleaning station
are endless at SUSA Corporation. Systems can be manual
or automatic loading/unloading and returning to operator. Containers, pallets, totes, bins, and even crates of many
different sizes and materials can be simultaneously cleaned.  Depending on the size of the machine and your company’s
need, capacities can range from small volume batches of
hundreds of bins cleaned per day to large volume batches
of thousands of bins cleaned per day. 

Equipment Styles include:

  • Batch, Front & Top Load
  • Return to Operator
  • Pass Thru Belt Conveyor
  • Overhead MonoRail
  • 360 Degree Spin Cleaning Systems
  • Bin Tumble Dryers
  • Label Removal Systems
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