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Electric Vehicle Battery Tray Cleaning

In the United States, electric vehicle sales have been increasing year after year since 2019. In 2021 electric vehicle sales will be the highest they’ve been thus far. According to analytics company Blastpoint, electric vehicle sales have grown by 71% since 2021.

Producing electric vehicles is a relatively new process for a majority of the car companies. Designing and manufacturing electric vehicles is far different from producing a gas vehicle. Because of this, some automotive companies are having to change some of their current processes and equipment. One of the main parts of any electric vehicle is the battery tray. Some of the special coatings are also flame retardant. 

Battery trays are lightweight and are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Battery trays can come in many different shapes and sizes. Battery trays should always go through leak testing to ensure they are sealed. Battery trays are usually treated with a special coating that helps to protect the battery that sits inside of it, usually the coating also possesses electric properties. 

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, there is an increased demand for specialized cleaning equipment to clean battery trays. The team at Susa Corporation designs and manufactures environmentally-friendly machines that are capable of cleaning battery trays without damaging the protective coating  For more information on our products or how we work with customers, please visit