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Finishing Ovens & Systems

With over 75+ years of industrial design experience, SUSA Corporation takes pride in our ability to create almost any
industrial system a customer may need, including finishing systems and ovens. Satisfied customers have chosen SUSA
Corporation to be the supplier of the following systems because of our dedication to exceeding customer expectations
regarding any project we get the opportunity to execute. 

SUSA Corporation designs multiple finishing systems for paint and powder coating applications and the following Infrared Ovens: 

  • Convection Cure Ovens Finishing

  • Multi Stage Pretreatment Cleaning Stations

  • Drying Ovens

  • Environmental Rooms

In such a competitive market for these types of systems, SUSA Corporation is confident that our Finishing Systems and Ovens
are as energy efficient and effective as any others on the market. Not to mention, customized to exceed customer expectations
upon implementation. Get a cost justification to understand the value involved in giving SUSA Corporation an opportunity to
enhance your production capabilities.