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How to choose the right parts washer for the job.

Part washers come in a variety of sizes and types. Each unit is designed to clean a specific part or dunnage container. Choosing the right type of parts washer for the job is important. A parts washer should eliminate manual cleaning and save the company labor cost. At Susa Corporation we custom design solutions specific to your needs.
Below is a comprehensive list of types of part washers and specific information about each unit.

Front Load Parts Washer

These types of aqueous part washers are made for low volume parts cleaning. Multiple spray nozzles inside the unit will provide continuous spray action while the unit is in cycle. Fast and efficient, you can usually find these units in-use at automotive repair shops, small manufacturing facilities and possibly even in your neighbors garage. These units are smaller so they are floor-space friendly.

Rotary drum part washers are capable of cleaning a variety of parts. These units can either submerge the part or use a spray cycle.Some units combine the two creating a quality cleaning process. Rotary drum part washers are highly customizable and can be fitted with parts drying units. These units are capable of cleaning parts at a higher volume than a top load parts washer.

One of the most highly customizable units. These units can be used for a wide variety of applications. Capable of cleaning parts, dunnage, gears, slip sheets etc. Conveyor pass through systems can be fitted with a spray wand configuration so that the operator can clean specific portions of a part or piece of dunnage. These units can be manually loaded or automatic loading is available. 

These units are pretty common. Top load parts washers can come with a turntable inside that enables the unit to spin the part around to get a better clean. These units are also great for small spaces. These are made for low volume parts cleaning. Top load parts washers can be customized as well, making them desirable for a multitude of applications.

Last but not least. . . . 

Aqueous recirculating dip tanks are great for lowering your overall water consumption because they can be made to use the same water after filtration. These machines can be used for a variety of parts and dunnage cleaning.

We know that when you’ve got a job to do, the last thing you want is for your washer to break down and make things more difficult. That’s why we offer one of the most comprehensive lines on parts washing equipment in North America. Our engineers work hard to ensure our machines are durable, reliable, and easy-to-use no matter what type of project you need them for. For more information about our parts washers please visit