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Deionization of plastic parts

What is Deionization?

Deionization is the removal of positively charged ions from surfaces, by using negatively charged air to remove ions which are the prime cause of static.

Plastic / injection molded parts commonly need to go through a deionization process so that they are not statically charged. During this process the part is passed through negative ion charged air which removes static from the part. When you remove static from the part, it helps to keep the part clean by not allowing dirt and other contaminants to become charged and ‘stick” to your part. This “sticking” of contaminants is also called “Electrostatic attraction”. Deionization is also important for safety reasons. Some larger injection molded plastic parts can produce enough static to shock the machine operator.  Smaller plastic part pieces can even begin to get statically clung to the top/chute mechanism of the manufacturing equipment

Deionizing plastic parts is also important when producing plastics that will house electrical components. By running this part through a deionization process you are eliminating the chances of electrostatic shock to the electrical component.

Susa Corporation manufactures equipment built for plastic deionization. We are able to add deionizing air curtains to many different equipment configurations. To learn more about our deionization equipment and how you can protect your parts and employees feel free to contact us about a quote.