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Precision Cleaning Systems

In many industries, including aerospace, automotive, biotech, medical supply, defense, computer tech, pharmaceutical, and more, the cleaning of equipment at a microscopic level is more important than ever. A visual inspection of the surface is not enough. Parts must be thoroughly cleaned until all soils are removed, then inspected and measured to meet strict industry guidelines and requirements. Among the most common contaminants measured, particles, fibers and residues require the most validation. Particles and fibers gather when the part surface is exposed and open to the environment. They can range anywhere
from metals or plastics visible to the naked eye, down to sand grains only able to be seen under magnification. 

SUSA Corporation custom manufactures precision cleaning systems that excel at removing soils from small crevices in precision parts, ensuring that the parts will be reliable and functioning properly. These stations are energy efficient and allow the user to recycle and reuse cleaner. It also comes with an airtight seal that prevents emissions during the cleaning process. We offer a wide range of precision cleaning methods to choose from, or will work closely with you to build the system that directly addresses the precision cleaning tasks necessary for your optimal process settings. 

SUSA Corporation’s Precision Cleaning Applications include, but are not limited to: 

  • Laser components

  • Heat exchangers

  • Cleaning for oxygen delivery services

  • Aerospace components

  • Medical devices

  • Medium to Large Automotive Parts

  • Off-road equipment parts

With precision cleaning, your high-performance, sensitive components meet the required
cleanliness criteria. Our experts are ready to build a custom precision cleaning system to respond to any application.