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Preventive Maintenance: Proactive vs Reactive

A thought on Preventative Machine Maintenance  

Have you ever heard the saying that “prevention is better than a cure”? It doesn’t sound right when you say it at first, but imagine if you just ate a little different and could prevent yourself from becoming overweight, rather than buying a trainer or gym membership to lose weight after the fact. Only when problems occur do they need solutions, but wouldn’t it cost less to mitigate an issue before it occurs?  

This is the whole concept behind preventative maintenance for systems and machines across industrial operations in industry. When a problem occurs with a machine or system, the solution or “cure” is normally very expensive and urgent. Usually, systems and machines will produce hints prior to a bigger problem happening, especially cleaning systems, which Susa Corporation is well-known for its high-quality cleaning systems and top of the line parts washers. Nonetheless, it takes paying attention to detail to see these hints, or a scheduled performance inspection to prevent any hints from turning into bigger problems.  


The practicality of purchasing a preventative maintenance plan offered by the machine manufacturer is fairly obvious. Depending on the process, unplanned downtime can be a grand expense in comparison to planned downtime. When you plan for downtime, you can mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime and machine failure. This is the major benefit and reason for preventative maintenance plans. Normally, machine and system manufactures will offer an annual plan to visit the machine on site or virtually coach operators through an inspection or machine tune-up. These plans help sustain the life of the machine, and provide the attention needed to mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime which results in saved dollars.  


Susa Corporation has been building parts washers and unique industrial systems for the last 31 years, our comprehensive Preventative Maintenance plans generalize to other manufacturers machines as well. Call us to find out how we can help enhance the life and performance of your industrial machine or system.