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Self-Contained Cleaning Systems

Clean Stamping Dies, Large Machinery, Parts and more with our Self-Contained Cleaning Equipment.

SUSA Corporation specializes in designing a circular cleaning system that is suitable for any size cleaning job. Stamping dies, any size
machinery, any size parts, and more can be cleaned sustainably, efficiently, and effectively with a self-contained cleaning system.

Benefits and Options include:


  • No Wash Pit Required

  • Self Contained System requires no floor drains

  • Portable, can be moved at any time

  • Optimize time it takes to wash

  • Eliminate environmental concerns

  • Eliminate extensive time hand washing


  •  Built-in Waste Water Evaporator.

  •  Vinyl or Steel Splash Curtain Assembly

  •  Electric or Natural Gas Heat

  •  Automatic Tank Clean-Out

  •  Automatic Water Make-Up

  •  Perimeter Duct Exhaust System

  •  Ultra Fine Particle Filtration

  •  Oil & Grease Skimmer

  •  304 Stainless Steel Construction

  •  Automatic Pump Shutdown

  •  Electronic 24 hour / 7day Timer

  •  Ozone Generator

  •  Tank Insulation

  •  Low Water Safety Shutdown