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SUSA Corporation expands product line to include Industrial Detergents

SUSA Corporation is excited to announce the launch of a new brand and product line. During the month of February, SUSACorporation is launching a large ecommerce platform for sales of its new “SUSA Clean” line of industrial detergents and parts washing cleaning solutions.  
SUSA Clean will offer our new full product line of industrial cleaning products. Products will be available to purchase on our new website which is currently in the development process. The ecommerce platform will offer a variety of different cleaning solutions including parts washing detergent, industrial flood degreaser and many other quality chemicals.  We are working on developing a streamlined ordering process for our customers with a super easy checkout process! Both Susa Corporation and SUSA Clean customers will also have the option of sighing up for a SUSA subscription package which would auto-ship any products of their choosing to the correct location.  
To learn more about SUSA Clean checkout this press release below:   

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