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Susa Corporation launches Cannabis Equipment Clean

Susa Corporation is launching a new brand “Cannabis Equipment Clean” (CEC). CEC is dedicated development of cannabis cleaning and sanitation solutions. CEC’s main focus is to serve the up-and-coming cannabis industry by delivering food-grade cannabis cleaning detergents, cannabis sanitation products and equipment.  

Most cannabis processors are handling cannabis that will eventually be consumed. This is why food-grade detergent is important. Commercial cannabis growers and processors cannot take the chance of their product degrading because of cross contamination.

Susa Corporations has 30+ years in the parts cleaning and aqueous cleaning system industry. Using our industry knowledge, our goal is to help commercial growers, processors and home growers alike keep their plants, products and bud from any contamination which can greatly affect the overall quality of the product.  

If you would like to learn more about CEC please visit our new website at