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The Importance of Die Washing in your Daily Operations

Did you know there is a simple and easy solution to cut costs and reduce the number of unnecessary supplies required to run daily operations in your business?  

        Take a second to think about just how often your company utilizes sheet metal for stamping and to fabricate manufacturing designs. My guess is that it occurs on a daily basis.  

        The process of metal stamping often leaves residues including lubricants, metal shavings, and dust on the parts as they come out of the presses. Cleaning of these contaminants is critical to the parts function, not to mention necessary for the preparation of future stages in the manufacturing process (welding and final assembly).  

        As you know, cleaning stamping dies can be an extremely time consuming, messy job. Typically, about 4 dies are washed per day. What you may not realize is the number of additional supplies it takes to complete this task. By the end of the year, an average of 600lbs of rags, 220 gallons of cleaner, 1,200 pairs of gloves, and 1,600 hours of labor are utilized just to clean stamping dies. That’s a lot of additional money spent for only one element in your entire operation. If only there was a more cost-effective way to achieve the same results.  

        Industrial die washer cleaning systems use hot, high pressure, recirculated, filtered aqueous solution to clean dies in a fraction of the time. There are two different methods that can be utilized for cleaning: in-line spray or immersion. Both options are considered to be more environmentally friendly than manually completing this process, as fewer toxic solvents can be used and the run-off oils can be distilled and processed. These units are self-contained and portable, which means that floor drains are not required in your warehouse and it would be convenient to move with no disassembly necessary to relocate. The adjustable high pressure wash pump works in sync with the filters to recycle aqueous cleaning solution and allow for 6 months to 1 year before fluid draining. Full access top doors provide for an easy tank cleaning design. Every machine includes a recirculating spray pump, tank floor and drain, and structural steel grillage. Purchasing a die washing machine cuts the cost of cleaning an individual stamp die to only $10.75. That’s an estimated $40,402.00 in savings per year. With that rate of ROI, you can look forward to potentially paying back your new equipment within the first year. 

        Additionally available as purchasable add-ons are: oil skimmer, automatic water make-up, steel splash curtains, electronic 24/7 timer, low water safety shut-off, and many more. We offer a one-year warranty program covering materials and workmanship on all equipment purchases. This includes construction, pump, and parts. 

        At SUSA Corporation, we manufacture fully customizable industrial die washer cleaning systems; guaranteeing optimization of your business saving both time and money. 

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