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Waste Water Evaporators

Waste water evaporator systems function to remove the water from water-based waste by converting the water from the waste into a vapor.
By removing the contaminants, this allows the water to be used, reused, and and more conveniently disposed of, saving your company
significant time and money. One of the biggest issues facing waste management companies is the rapidly decreasing amount of area
available for waste disposal. Waste water evaporators assist in solving this problem by substantially decreasing the overall amount of
volume taken up by the waste materials. Another important factor to consider when making the decision to purchase a waste water
evaporator is the disposal costs. Businesses typically pay thousands of dollars in fees on a regular basis to have waste water hauled
away. With an evaporator system, these disposal costs are notably reduced. Wastewater handling is a highly sensitive business that
 is closely regulated with precise specifications. Evaporators help make it easier to meet these strict regulations by reaching zero liquid
discharge goals, accurately complying with state and local regulations. These systems contain the entire waste water process, eliminating
the need for hazardous chemicals and air contaminants, creating a safer work environment for both you and your employees. Every
industry and wastewater site have different concerns and issues to address. The flexibility of water evaporator systems allow them to
be designed to be adaptable to any conditions and programmable to handle any form of contaminants. One of the primary uses for
water evaporators is removing oily waste from water used for parts washers. Parts produced for automotive and other manufacturing
applications are washed before being sent on to assembly. Water from the process contains pollutants that have to be removed. Waste
water evaporators have become a proven method for most effectively removing contaminants. 


  • Metal Finishing
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint Production
  • Part Cleaning
  • Graphic Arts
  • Machine Coolant
  • Landfill Leachate & More
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