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What are the benefits of a Dunnage Cleaning System?

Has this ever happened to you?  

        As a business owner, imagine you’ve just completed an order and are now ready to send it out for final assembly. The parts are carefully packed into containers for transportation and shipped to their next destination. The operation seems to be simple, running smoothly like any other typical day. You continue with business as usual. Except this time something out of the ordinary occurs. You immediately hear back that, upon arrival of the shipment, the parts were contaminated due to soiled dunnage and cannot be used. This event causes a chain reaction throughout your entire company. The parts must be returned and properly cleaned and sanitized. You need to repackage them in new crates and send them out yet again, delaying the entire process. This whole problem is costing your company a great deal of additional time and money. How can you ensure that this never happens again? 

        The solution to the problem that you, and many other business owners, are facing is the purchase of an industrial dunnage cleaning system. Cleaning your dunnage is just as important and necessary in your daily operations as parts cleaning. During the manufacturing process, containers and pallets can easily become contaminated with machine coolants, heavy and light oils, and various forms of debris. These cleaning stations use biodegradable detergents and hot recycled water to clean: containers, pallets, totes, and even wood crates of all sizes in just seconds.

        The primary goal for these machines is to eliminate the mixing of parts and thoroughly clean bins of any and all foreign objects. As an additional bonus, they also get rid of the need for plastic bin liners and the disposal of oily bags, leading to less oil contamination on plant grounds and slippery floors in your workshop. By consistently washing, rinsing, sanitizing, and drying automatically, these machines provide dependable quality and repeatable results in just a fraction of the time that it takes to do by hand. After purchasing one of these machines, you can expect to see an increase in worker productivity as well as an improvement in overall efficiency. Dunnage cleaning systems have proven to be a cost-effective option for many businesses and could be for your company too.  

        Here’s a brief description of each type of machine that we offer to help you choose the most successful option for your company. 

Side & Top Load:  Small volume bin washing, from 100-240 bins washed per 8-hour day  

Pass Thru:  High volume bin washing, ranging from 300-2,000 bins washed per 8-hour day  

Batch, Front & Top Load:  Small volume container washing, ranging from 200-500 containers washed per 8-hour day  

Return to Operator:  One operator, maximum of three stages, flexible container rack sizes (moderate volume container washing, ranging from 500-2,400 containers washed per 8-hour day)  

Pass Thru Belt Conveyor & Overhead Mono Rail:  Variety of sizes and multiple stages with pressures up to 1,000 psi (high volume container washing, ranging from 2,000-11,000 containers washed per 8-hour day) 

        Additionally available as purchasable add-ons are our oil skimmer, ozone pak, or transfer pump with controls. We offer a one-year warranty program covering materials and workmanship on all equipment purchases. This includes construction, pump, and parts. 

        With fully customizable options including adjustable speeds, pressure, and temperature, SUSA Corporation guarantees that we can manufacture a dunnage cleaning system that will suit your company’s every need and exceed expectations.  

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