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What is Precision Cleaning?

        You trust doctors to cure you of an illness when you are feeling sick. Patients place their trust in surgeons to perform operations on them to save their lives. Astronauts risk their lives by putting their faith in the engineers who build the rockets. Car manufacturers rely on the expectations of the safety and durability of the automotive parts coming from the factory for final assembly. Each person plays a very important role in their respected industry. The common element that every single one of these individuals share is their dependency on quality equipment that has been properly manufactured and cleaned. These two factors go hand-in-hand with each other. The cleaning of equipment and guarantee that it meets industry standards is almost as important in the equation as the person utilizing it and performing the task.  

        Manufacturing companies are required to follow guidelines and meet strictly defined requirements for parts cleanliness. This is especially true for industries including: aerospace, automotive, biotech, medical supply, defense, computer tech, and pharmaceutical. This standard guarantees that in important situations, such as the ones listed above, the parts will be reliable and function properly. In these instances, a visual inspection of the surfaces is not sufficient enough. The parts must be thoroughly cleaned until all soils are removed, then inspected and measured at a microscopic level.  

        Among the most common contaminants measured, particles, fibers, and residues require the most validation. Particles and fibers gather when the part surface is exposed and open to the environment. They can range anywhere from metals or plastics visible to the naked eye, down to grains of sand only able to been seen under magnification. Residues typically include oils and greases.  

        There are many methods available to achieve this level of cleanliness. The most important aspect to consider and ask yourself when searching for a solution is: What standard will you need to be following, and how will the necessary level of precision cleanliness be determined and achieved? To assist in answering this question, it is best to decide on a cleaning strategy.  

         Considered by many to be the best possible option, a precision cleaning system is one of the most common and popular choices. These stations excel at removing soils from small crevices in precision parts. Systems are energy efficient and allow the user to recycle and reuse cleaner. An additional benefit is that it comes with an airtight seal that prevents emissions during the cleaning process.  

        SUSA Corporation is well-known for manufacturing custom industrial systems that will suit your businesses every need. Our machines will improve safety as well as increase operability and promote purity in manufacturing and product lines within your company. We offer a one-year warranty program covering materials and workmanship on all equipment purchases. This includes construction, pump, and parts. 

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